Geoscience Australia

Mental wellbeing – a WHS issue

The CPSU met with Geoscience Australia to discuss the impact of mental health as an emerging WHS issue. We are pleased to report your management expressed a shared desire to make your workplace safe and mentally healthy. We look forwards to constructive ongoing dialogue on this important issue.

Employees at Geoscience Australia are encouraged to access the EAP (Employee Assistance Provider) which is a counselling service available to discuss work or personal issues. Employees can access the EAP free of charge, for up to six sessions at a time. Use of the service is fully confidential. Check your intranet for details on how to access this service.

CPSU members can also access our Member Service Centre for employment advice and legal referrals. Join here if you’d like access to this excellent resource.

Geoscience Australia have improved the online portal for WHS and general wellness. Mental health first responder training is expected to be available in December. The CPSU supports this as an important step towards making your workplace safer.

Geoscience Australia will also reinstate the valuable Cultural Reference Group. 

Building works

Your union has won agreement on important changes during building works to reduce disruption. Contractors should now be turning the radio down or off while working in business hours. If building works are causing you difficulties in going about your working day, then contact your local delegate or organiser Megan Baker-Goldsmith for assistance.

Christmas Closedown

Yes, it’s that time of year already!  Your last day at work before Christmas close down will be Friday 22 December.  You return to work Tuesday 2 January if you have not booked additional leave over Christmas. We encourage all staff to check their time sheet and flex balances before Christmas close down – make sure you use and enjoy any excess flex credits, and that your leave is correctly booked in.  CPSU members can call the member service centre on 1300 137 636 for assistance.

Union members can get ahead on Christmas shopping by using Union Shopper and other member benefits to get discounts on Christmas presents, wine, car hire, travel and accommodation.  If you’re not yet a member you can join now and get these benefits before Christmas.