Government finally signals the ASL Cap will need to change

When that well-known advocate for workers’ rights, Reserve Bank governor Philip Lowe joins the CPSU in calling for the government to lift the rates of pay for Australian Public Servants, you know your policies are in trouble. This week the Finance Minister finally signaled that the cap ASL numbers across the APS would have to change. 

We know that the governments cap on staffing levels across the APS has done significant damage to the capacity of the APS as well as the budget, with expensive contractors and labour hire companies filling gaps that the Morrison’s staffing cap has created. 

Read the Canberra Times article here. Here are the quotes we found exciting:

Katy Gallagher said "The real consequences of the arbitrary staffing cap is that departments across the APS have been left under-resourced or forced to hire expensive consultants to do the work that the community relies upon."

The main public sector union said the comments opened the doors to public sector bosses campaigning for more staff.

"With government relaxing the ASL cap rules the onus is very much on departments and agencies to now step up and make the case for more APS staff, and this is something CPSU will be campaigning to make happen," Community and Public Sector Union national secretary Melissa Donnelly said.

"There is important work not being done due to a lack of staff, and again we are calling on departments and agencies to take up Minister Cormann's offer to put a case to government. We expect APS agencies to act and are ready to assist to make that happen".

Lifting the staffing level cap would be an opportunity to convert contractors and labour hire workers to permanent public service workers and reduce the amount of insecure work in the wider economy, Ms Donnelly said.

"The federal government should be setting the right example here by getting people into secure jobs but currently the ASL cap means that thousands and thousands of jobs that could be secure jobs that people can depend on are instead filled on a casual labour hire basis."

What do you think about staffing levels in your workplace? Do you think your Department needs to make it’s case to rebuild the departments capacity and hire more permanent APS staff?

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