Home Affairs: Groundhog Day or leave at half pay?

Remember how you used to have leave at half pay? Well you have it again now!

When the Workplace Determination was released in February this year, the Department removed your access to leave at half pay. We don’t believe this was ever something they needed to do and told them so – but they continued ahead anyway.

As of today they have reinstated leave at half pay!

Is this good news? Well yes, it’s great news! Many people relied on leave at half pay so they could adequately fulfil their caring responsibilities and perform their job. So, we will celebrate this as a win. However, it needs to be said that all this heartache (genuinely felt by many families around the country) could have been avoided if they had just have not taken it away in the first place. We told them this and it all could have been avoided – but for now let’s take it as good news. Reinstated from 1 December 2019.