International Workers' Memorial Day

This Wednesday 28 April is International Workers Memorial Day. On this day we remember workers who have died and renew our solidarity to fight for the living.

The CPSU joins unions around the world to call on governments and employers to do more to ensure that workers’ safety is the priority.

The right to be safe at work must be a fundamental right for all workers in every country. It’s unacceptable that:  

  • Every day 7,600 workers die from work accidents or disease.
  • Every day 410 construction workers are killed at work.
  • Every week 5,000 people die from lung disease or cancer due to exposure to asbestos.
  • Every year, in South East Asia 4,500 workers die in building collapses.
  • Worldwide, one health worker dies every 30 minutes from COVID-19.  

Unions make work safe. Together, we continue to raise our voices and take action to ensure safe work and workplaces for all.

Help mark International Workers Memorial Day and raise awareness in your workplace by printing this poster for your union noticeboard.

Please don’t hesitate to contact your organiser or call 1300 137 636 if you need advice or assistance to address a safety issue at work.