Introduction to Cultural Awareness training for CPSU organisers

Some new (and newish) organisers received formal training in organising and industrial work last week in Sydney.

As part of the course PM&C CPSU Section Secretary Jo Kerr took a morning session with them on understanding how to take cultural considerations into their work and everyday life.

The session was well received by organisers and we will look to expand the course to other CPSU organisers. Just some of the feedback is below:

 “Just letting you know Jo's cultural training was brilliant and she was amazing. An hour and a half was no where near long enough! I could have sat through 3 days of it!”

“Jo was able to effectively communicate centuries of indigenous and union history in a short time and managed to expertly make a case for inclusive organising and union interaction in progressive politics - she's worthy of superlatives.”

“She was able to explain how cultural practices and historical issues may impact on and create current workplace issues that members may bring to us to assist with.”

“As often can be the case with any training, topics can drag on. That was not the case in today's presentation from Jo. The only issue I had was that it was not long enough!”

 “There is so much misunderstanding and offence to indigenous people that could be avoided”.

“I must say it was an incredibly moving experience to listen to Jo Kerr today.  In the short space of an hour and a half, she gave us an honest yet keen insight into what is a most complex subject.

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