At least one side has a plan...

The CPSU and our union partners in Telstra have plans

We’ve hit the ground running in response to the Telstra decision to cut 9,500 jobs. We’ve sparked a national conversation about the cuts and quickly gathered the support of the Federal Opposition and State Premiers Daniel Andrews and Annastacia Palaszczuk for our call for Federal Government intervention.

We’ve presented a focussed set of claims to Telstra in enterprise agreement negotiations. Given the current environment our bargaining position includes:

  • Decent guaranteed pay outcomes for all staff;
  • A call to maximise the use of voluntary redundancies;
  • Genuine commitments from Telstra on reskilling, advertising all jobs internally and providing better job swap opportunities, and;
  • Limits on Telstra’s use of third party contractors and external providers. Telstra, a plan-free zone

It appears to us, from discussions with Telstra on bargaining and redundancies, that Telstra doesn’t seem to have solid plans about pretty much anything… at least not anything positive.

They can’t tell us much about their job cuts

Their figure of 9,500 is mainly aligned with how much money they want to save, not about how they will deliver their services into the future.

And they don’t have a plan to support their staff in difficult times

After agreeing to members’ demands that Redundancy Benefits be left alone in bargaining, their initial response to the rest of your unions’ bargaining claims was to put up the shutters. They don’t appear interested in improving their approach to voluntary redundancies, or to make commitments that would improve the prospects of the thousands who’d like to continue a career in the organisation. And they’re still talking about a lowball wage offer.

Right now it couldn’t be more important to have a strong union in Telstra

We need you to make the decision to join to increase the voice of staff. CPSU members provide the credibility and resources to deal with the big issues like your enterprise agreement and the announced plan to cut jobs.

We’ve got our members’ backs, so join today and ask your mates to do the same