NDIA members

Your union is committed to building safe work places and systems for all employees in the NDIA. As the national roll out continues, members are contacting the union concerned about NDIA’s problematic approach to health and safety at work. NDIA staff believe their concerns are not a priority because issues and problems they report are not being resolved. We think that’s unacceptable and NDIA staff deserve better.

Here are a few issues members have reported to your union

  • Staff request for a workplace Health and Safety Representative (HSR) being ignored.
  • No emergency response training
  • Staff not trained in managing customer aggression
  • No fire or evacuation drills
  • No provision to safely evacuate staff with mobility issues
  • Unsafe staffing levels and workloads

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CPSU delegates stepping up to get answers

Last week CPSU delegates agreed the NDIA needs to do far better to resolve the health and safety issues of staff. To better understand why the issues of staff are being ignored, a CPSU WHS Officer will investigate whether current Health and Safety Representative (HSR) structures comply with WHS Laws. This is an important place to start. Elected HSRs have strong legal powers to ensure WHS problems are solved – not ignored, and WHS laws followed.

Did you know WHS law says elected HSRs can:
  • Represent staff in all matters relating to work health and safety
  • Investigate H&S problems and identify solutions
  • Monitor NDIA’s compliance with WHS laws
  • Direct staff to stop unsafe work if an immediate and serious risk worker’s health and safety exists

Building safe workplaces starts with you; here’s what to do

  1. Join the CPSU
  2. Stand for election for a HSR role
  3. Report all work health and safety incidents, including ‘near misses’

If you believe as we do that promoting and being committed to a safety culture in your workplace is vital, join us and help us build a safety culture in NDIA