NDIA workers

We did it!

In late 2017 NDIA workers told the CPSU they needed more health and safety representatives (HSRs) because HSRs have strong legal powers to help improve working conditions and resolve problems. So, we campaigned and won.

With strong support from CPSU members across the country, we have negotiated a proposal with NDIA management to greatly increase the number of HSR - see here. We are now conducting a vote of CPSU members to endorse and finalise agreement with NDIA management, so HSR elections can occur as quickly as possible.

At a recent meeting, CPSU delegates and HSRs unanimously recommended members Vote Yes to accept the proposed agreement because

  • A 76% increase in HSRs, up from 56 to 99
  • 80%+ of workplaces have an HSRs onsite, compared to 35% in 2017
  • Small sites grouped together so there’s one HSR for every three sites
  • commitment further increase HSR numbers in future as NDIA grows.

Click and VOTE!

Please submit your vote by 4pm Friday 13 July.

Together CPSU members are making workers' health and safety the priority in NDIA!

Ask your workmates to join the union too – the more members we have the stronger we are to campaign and win

Joining is easy; go online or call 1300 137636