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Movement on consultation, rights and conditions

CPSU members have begun 2017 with a renewed determination to keep the pressure on and finally see APS bargaining resolved fairly.  With more than 100,000 staff in over 30 large and medium agencies still without new agreements, we are continuing our multi-pronged campaign for new agreements that protect workplace rights and conditions and deliver the best possible outcome.

Positive signs?

As a result of your hard work, the new year seems to have brought with it a new and more productive approach to bargaining from senior management in some agencies. Our aim is to explore the opportunities this new approach may present while working with you to keep the pressure on agencies and the Government for a fair settlement. 

Movement on consultation, delegates’ rights and conditions

There have been some exciting developments around a number of recently approved agreements.  For example, the newly certified Air Traffic Controllers agreement in AirServices contains a range of good clauses on pre-decision consultation and staff and delegate representation which meet many of the concerns workers have raised.  

A way forward?

Right now, our CPSU bargaining teams are working to see if this model could create a way forward in other agencies. CPSU representatives also report some agencies are taking a less hard line on cutting conditions and showing a willingness to work creatively and co-operatively to find a way through the bargaining mess. We’re seeing movement in some Fair Work conciliations including through our Good Faith Bargaining disputes.

Not there yet

While there is a way to go before these green shoots bear fruit, CPSU representatives are determined to keep on exploring new ways to secure decent agreements. You can help us keep the pressure on in the workplace and beyond.

Govt digs in on 6% pay cap

There has been some movement on various rights and conditions matters in some agencies, but Minister Cash and Public Service Commissioner Lloyd remain fixed on the 6% pay cap and in our opinion are highly unlikely to improve that amount. With all the delays this position is deeply unfair and means we’ll need to continue to hold the Government to account for it.

Bargaining mess reflects badly on Government

The fact that APS bargaining remains unsolved after so many years is a damning indictment on the Turnbull Government. The bargaining mess  joins a long list of other public sector blunders including the Census Fail, CSIRO job cuts, Centrelink/DHS robo-debt, Agriculture biosecurity breaches and ATO IT failures, just to name a few.

DHS issues

Despite the slightly more positive vibe in some quarters, there are still major hurdles to be overcome in agencies such as DHS where the senior management team has moved a bit, but continues to seek serious cuts to family friendly conditions and other workplace rights. A recent round of Fair Work Commission discussions failed to significantly reduce the gap between the parties and more industrial action will follow to try and force DHS to change its negative approach.

Keeping the pressure on

Meanwhile, CPSU members across the board have been keeping pressure on agencies and the Government in the workplace, in the Fair Work Commission, through a Senate Inquiry, with politicians, in the community and in the media. All of this pressure helps.

Thank you

By sticking with the union, taking action, voting NO and campaigning hard, CPSU members have secured some significant wins along the way. These include holding onto important rights that would otherwise been lost, securing super and earlier revisions to the bargaining policy. As a result of sticking to our guns, the list of rights and conditions agencies want to cut continues to get shorter.

Help keep the pressure on

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  • Participate in workplace activities designed to put more pressure on government
  • Take protected industrial action when advised by your delegates
  • Become a CPSU delegate and representing your colleagues

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