Safer systems of work in the NDIA

The CPSU and its members have campaigned for and won important changes to your Work Health and Safety (WHS) arrangements, including having more worker elected WHS Representatives, consultation structures, strategies and procedures at the NDIA.

These changes mean you will now have a WHS system in your workplace that better supports solving problems and making improvements to working conditions. That’s important as NDIA expands its service delivery network.

Key changes include:

  • 77% increase to the number of worker elected Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs) from 56 to 99 nationally.
  • Greater than 85% of workplaces will have locally elected HSR on site.
  • Improved access to regional Work Health and Safety committees, reporting to the national HSR committee
  • Facilities and support for HSRs to help solve problems and address issues
  • Access to HSR training for elected HSR representatives
  • Management commitment to working collaboratively to meet WHS obligations
  • Commitment to consultation and communication on WHS issues.

Your union will be visiting NDIA offices nationally very soon to discuss in detail how these positive WHS changes will affect your workplace, and to encourage interested staff to consider stepping up to be a HSR and support their colleagues wellbeing at work. Look out for upcoming CPSU meeting notices on WHS.

Increasing CPSU membership is improving your working conditions

This outcome has been achieved through CPSU member feedback and successful collaboration and negotiation between the CPSU and NDIA management If you are not yet a union member you can join here and be part of the CPSU’s network and ongoing efforts to improve safety at work for all.