SBS bargaining

Since our first bargaining meeting on 14 August and exchange of correspondence with SBS management, there are three fixable problems we want you to know about.

Problem 1 – Management’s proposal is to reduce access to existing allowances.

Problem 2 – Management’s proposal is to include changes to redundancy. Currently you have the right as employees to be consulted when management has identified possible redundancies. Management is proposing to change this, so that you’ll have the right to be consulted only when a definite decision to introduce redundancies has been made.

Problem 3 – You’re not a CPSU member yet and we really need you to be so that we can get better outcomes in bargaining.

The good thing is you have the power to fix these problems and change the course of bargaining. By becoming a union member you have a direct say about what happens next in bargaining. The more members we have the more bargaining power we have, allowing us to secure a better deal for all SBS workers.

So what you choose to do next can determine the outcome of bargaining at SBS.

You can choose to:

Join the CPSU - so you and your colleagues have more power to fix the problems or do nothing and hope for the best

We'd like you to pick the first option, and so would your union colleagues.

Let know if you want help joining or would like more information.

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