The SBS proposal

Since our first bargaining meeting on 14 August and exchange of correspondence with SBS management, there are two fixable problems we want you to know about before the next bargaining meeting on 11 September.

Problem 1 – Management’s proposal is to reduce access to existing entitlements to allowances.

Problem 2 – Management’s proposal is to include changes to redundancy which will limit the circumstances in which employees are consulted. Read on for more.

Solution – Please talk with your colleagues about these two issues and ask them to join you in your union. You and I know bargaining is about power and CPSU membership makes a difference.

In more detail

1. Allowances. Some of the proposed changes will mean a reduction in existing entitlements. These include:

  • Higher duties allowance – SBS is proposing that it is only available when an employee can demonstrate that they are performing a majority of tasks at higher duties;
  • Disturbance allowance – SBS is proposing that the costs associated with relocating a motor vehicle are only reimbursed by SBS in circumstances where an employee is relocating interstate;
  • Travel allowance – SBS is proposing to move this entitlement from the enterprise agreement to policy, where it can changed or removed by SBS management without consultation or agreement;

2. Redundancy Rights. SBS is proposing changes about redundancy which will limit the circumstances in which employees are consulted. The current agreement provides for consultation when SBS has identified possible redundancies. SBS is proposing that this would change so that consultation would take place only after a definite decision to create redundancies had been made.

Your CPSU delegates Mazen Afiouni, Leigh Iffland and Susan Bell are doing a great job representing you at the bargaining table and they would like your feedback.

You can help them by attending a union meeting at your site and being union proud in the office to shift the culture. If you need more information or want to know details of the next union meeting at your workplace, please contact delegates, Mazen, Leigh and Susan or your CPSU organisers, Pierce Tyson and Judy Fernandez.