SURVEY: Your rights at work at the NDIA

The CPSU believes in everyone working at and visiting the NDIA should have the ability to access and safely use the work environment.  Employees at NDIA with disability should have full access to the workplace and the ability to participate fully and meaningfully in the work environment including opportunities for career advancement.

We’d like to hear from you on what the NDIA environment is like; whether you live with a disability yourself, or advocate for someone who does. We will use your feedback to negotiate with your management for improvements in your workplace.

Complete our survey here.

Your responses will be treated with confidentiality.  Union members who wish to discuss workplace issues relating to their disability can also contact the union’s Member Service Centre for immediate advice and support on 1300 137 636.  

We strongly encourage you to join the union and use the Member Service Centre to raise issues early - it’s most often much easier to fix something early on in the piece. If you are not yet a union member, you can join here; or contact your organiser Megan Baker-Goldsmith to discuss.

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