Your membership matters

Your membership matters: CPSU fees and your union’s work

Key points:

  • The CPSU exists to fight for you - our members - to protect your jobs, your pay, your rights and conditions and to highlight the value and importance of your work.
  • Under CPSU Governing Council policy, membership fees are automatically adjusted by CPI on 1 July each year.
  • CPSU membership fees will go up by 1.5% from 1 July - a change of between 15 to 50 cents per fortnight.
  • Because some members remain on a Government enforced wage freeze, salaries for CPSU elected officials have been frozen since 2014 in solidarity with our members and will remain that way until bargaining is resolved.
  • Like your household, the CPSU operates in a world where costs are rising. Our union has a big job to do and we need your ongoing support.

Unions fighting for a fair deal

There has rarely if ever been a time when Australia has had more need of trade unions. Wages for the vast majority of people are going nowhere as they lose out to big corporations and the very rich, many of whom pay little tax and are driving strategies to cut wages further. More and more Australians are facing the stress of insecure employment, only able to get casual or contract work rather than the fairly paid, steady job they and their families deserve.

The CPSU has been in the frontline of this bargaining fight as we’ve successfully held out for well over three years to protect our members against the Turnbull Government’s harsh attacks on workplace rights, conditions and real wages and similarly unfair attitudes from bosses in many other workplaces. We’re also part of the union movement’s fight to change the Fair Work Act, as bosses avoid bargaining, terminate agreements, cut penalty rates and prove time and again that the rules of the game are stacked against working people.

We’ve successfully fought off the Turnbull Government’s attempts to outsource or privatise our members’ work in areas including Medicare payments in DHS, Australian Hearing and the ASIC Registry. Many of our members are facing job cuts, potential outsourcing and an ongoing attack on their workplace rights. The CPSU will continue to be in your corner.

Workers under attack

Bargaining remains unresolved for many members, but we have achieved a lot together, with some agencies taking up to 40 cuts to rights and conditions off the table. We are still campaigning hard, urging agencies to push back against the Government and put better agreements forward. None of these offers are fair, given the Turnbull Government’s rock solid ban on backpay, but members are proud of protecting critical rights and conditions that were previously under threat.  We understand that this has been a long and difficult campaign for many members and delegates. We also understand that the Turnbull Government – and management  in some agencies – must be held accountable for the appalling way it has treated its own workforce during bargaining. In other sectors, we were able to finalise reasonable new agreements for members in the ABC and in commercial TV.

Support for members

Every day our delegates, organisers and staff are out in workplaces enforcing rights, supporting individual members, recruiting new members and dealing with employers. We’ve had big wins, like successfully getting members hundreds of thousands of dollars in underpayments, from employers who are trying on the new tactic to avoid paying proper award and agreement rates the ACTU is calling ‘wage theft’.  But not all issues can be fixed at the workplace level, which is why over the past few years we have also been engaged in political and community campaigning.

Tackling the issues that matter

A key part of our job is influencing decision-makers and building support in the broader community on issues that matter to our members; issues like funding for public services, tackling the so-called efficiency dividend and seeking better rights at work. To do this we’ve been campaigning, lobbying, building political engagement and effective, strategic alliances with like-minded community groups. These alliances build on our long-term work with the ACTU and other unions and give us a stronger, broader influence for CPSU members’ concerns. In addition to our work on Medicare, ASIC and others, we’ve worked to protect the ABC, ARENA/CSIRO funding and to lead the debate about a fairer tax system where multinationals and the wealthy pay their fair share.

Individual support

The CPSU works hard to provide expert advice and support to individual members when they need it. This past year, our Member Service Centre (MSC) has handled more than 13,200 calls from members needing quick advice and provided support to around 6,500 members with more complex cases. Find out more about how the MSC can help you by calling 1300 137 636.

Support in your workplace

An integral part of this year’s achievements is the CPSU’s vast delegate network. Thank you to all delegates who went the extra mile for CPSU members this past year. We provide lots of training and support for delegates. Find more about becoming a delegate here

Managing your union

The CPSU is committed to using members’ money in the most effective way and we maintain high standards of governance. As a union we have a big job to do in an increasingly tough environment. While our operating costs have gone up, our membership has been hit by Commonwealth Government redundancies. We also know many members are doing it tough, particularly in Commonwealth Government agencies where bargaining remains unresolved for most employees. In recognition of this situation, salaries of CPSU elected officials have been frozen since 2014. For more on union finances and governance, please log in to read our Operating Report here If you need your log in details, email us at

Thank you

Providing professional support for members and campaigning to protect jobs, rights and public services is a big job. It’s a job that simply could not be done without the strong backing and financial support given by members and delegates. And we thank you for it.

Member benefits

CPSU membership provides journey cover (income protection) for people who are injured travelling between work and home on their normal commute. This is an automatic part of CPSU membership and you can find out more about it on the website. Don’t forget about our other member-only discounts and benefits to get even more out of membership. 

New fees for 17/18

To ensure we can continue to provide high quality support, advice, representation and campaigns, membership fees will increase by 1.5% for the 2017/18 financial year, in line with long-standing Governing Council policy. This change is based on movement in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) which showed a 1.5% increase between 1 Jan 2016 and 31 Dec 2016. The fee increases range from 15 to 50 cents per fortnight. This modest increase will help us to meet the challenges facing our members into the future. The new fee structure will apply from 1 July 2017.

Direct debit fortnightly



Current year 16/17

per fortnight

Next year 17/18

per fortnight


per fortnight

$10,000 - $24,999




$25,000 - $39,999




$40,000 - $59,999




$60,000 - $79,999




$80,000 - $99,999




$100,000 + above




Credit card

Salary range





$10,000 - $24,999





$25,000 - $39,999





$40,000 - $59,999





$60,000 - $79,999





$80,000 - $99,999





$100,000 + above






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