Member Story: It pays to be a CPSU member, Our delegate delivered $1000s in backpay

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We were thrilled when we got a positive outcome
It pays to be a CPSU member
Our delegate delivered $1000s in backpay

Determined action by a CPSU delegate has delivered thousands of dollars in back pay for his workmates.

Due to a mix up with a Telstra program called Progression Pathway, 460 Telstra workers weren't paid properly. The error was discovered by hard-working CPSU delegate Mike Routledge who then successfully pushed Telstra to investigate the pay mistake.

CPSU Communications and Science Director Teresa Davison said "This is a great example of the power of having active delegates in the workplace. Mike works with the people affected and he had the workplace knowledge and connections to know when there was an issue in the first place. On top of that, Mike was able to work with his organiser Lisa Simons to keep things moving forward. Mike and his members were thrilled when they got a positive outcome."

CPSU delegates work where you work, so they know the details of your workplace. CPSU delegates make your workplace better. Delegates volunteer to represent and advocate for the best outcomes possible for CPSU members. If you have a CPSU delegate in your workplace, take a moment to tell them thanks – they’re doing what they can to make your workplace better.

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