Member Story: Kyle , ABS Victoria

"The CPSU Skills and Qualifications Grant provided me with an educational opportunity which at the time was not affordable and completely out of reach."
ABS Victoria

Kyle, a CPSU member working with the Australian Bureau of Statistics in Geelong, was one of ten members who was awarded a Skills and Qualifications Grant in 2017.

Kyle used the grant to complete a Database and Information Retrieval Course through Deakin University and was graded at a high distinction level. Since completing his course, Kyle has gone on to secure a great promotion.

Making the most of the opportunity

“I completed the course at a time the ABS was undertaking a bulk recruitment round and have no doubt that completing this highly relevant study played a key role in helping me secure an 18 month promotion to the APS 6 level”, said Kyle.

“This promotion has allowed me to continue my learning as well as start to save for the future.”

Help when you need it

CPSU members are dedicated professionals, but we all know that accessing further study to advance your career can be difficult. That’s why we established the CPSU Skills and Qualifications Program.

Kyle said, “it has positioned me to demonstrate my commitment to personal development and helped me to support my employer (the ABS) in ways which I could not do previously.”

Membership matters

CPSU membership isn’t just about resolving problems at work. Membership can provide you with the tools you need to do your best in your career and make a big difference.

As Kyle said, “thank you for believing in me and I look forward to doing the same for fellow members here in Geelong”.

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