The CPSU Climate Action Network is for members who see that climate change is union business.

The Climate Action Network brings together interested members from across different workplaces and agencies for discussion, guest speakers, and policy and campaign work on the role of the Commonwealth Public Sector in tackling climate change.

The CPSU believes members should be able to work within agencies to help create strategies and set targets. It is important to give employees rights in the workplace to enforce this, giving employees who assist buy-in.

Rights should include:

The right to participate

Workers should have the right to participate in decision-making related to environmental concerns in their workplace, exercised through the joint health and safety committee or workplace safety and health representatives, or through new environmental committees.

The right to know

Workers should have the right to be aware about the environmental hazards in the workplace;  i.e. the right to know about workplace emissions, technological choices, plans for energy saving, use and efficiency.

Whistleblower protection

A worker should not be held liable or be disciplined for reporting workplace practices that are honestly believed to pose an environmental risk.

The right to refuse work which harms the environment

A worker should not be held liable or be disciplined for refusing to do work that they honestly believe may pose an immediate or serious threat to the environment.

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