The government has amended the Fair Work Act so that employers must offer permanent employment to casuals in certain circumstances.

Unfortunately, the government has made it all too easy for APS employers to side-step these requirements. We are urging the government to immediately adopt a process to convert long-term APS casual roles into ongoing roles under the new laws.

The CPSU is talking to agencies about why they should be identifying and then advertising long-term casual positions as ongoing positions. It is time for the APS and the government to step up and provide pathways to permanency for long-term APS casuals.

The union is asking agencies to adopt the following steps:

  • Agencies should identify long term casual roles that meet the criteria under the new laws.
  • Those roles should be advertised.
  • Applicants should be limited to existing APS employees so that existing employees on insecure contracts have a strong chance at winning them.

We’ve taken Services Australia to the Fair Work Commission (FWC) because we believe that Services Australia is not applying the new Casual Conversion provisions of the Fair Work Act appropriately. This dispute has the potential to affect all APS casuals, no matter which agency you work for.

The union will provide advice and support to APS casuals

If you are a casual worker in the APS tell us here.

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