Home Affairs workers identified three standout issues in the CPSU Get Real survey on your wellbeing at work:

  1. Lack of consultation
  2. Favouritism/nepotism
  3. Unfair recruitment and performance management processes

Read more here and come along to the next CPSU group meeting to see how your work area compares and share your ideas on how we can make it better.

Is your Home Affairs workplace a mentally healthy workplace?

With much of people’s time each day spent working, the workplace (including the virtual workplace for everyone working from home) has a massive impact on mental health and wellbeing.

Does your work impact your mental health?

Common mental health hazards in workplaces can include:

  • Poor organisational justice – for example: 
  • unfair treatment at work
  • inconsistent application of policies
  • high workloads
  • low job control/micromanagement
  • lack of consultation on change 
  • Inappropriate behaviour such as bullying or discrimination.
  • High workplace stress

We will be talking about these issues in upcoming union meetings – stay tuned for local invites!

Get the facts

CPSU members have been reporting issues negatively impacting their mental health at work and do not feel that management is able to provide a safe workplace because they are either part of the problem or have little interest in resolving the issues.

Your CPSU reps have developed a campaign that will educate members on their rights under the WHS Act and Home Affairs' duty to provide a safe work environment, to provide you with the tools to achieve real change.