We believe our country is a better place when our public services are properly resourced, and our public servants can get on with their job.

Allowing our country to succeed, build and innovate, providing job opportunities and career pathways for our people and offering everyone support when they need it most – no matter who we are.

The CPSU represents thousands of members across the country, working mainly in the public sector. CPSU members support our country through hard times; plan and prepare for the future and solve the problems we can’t fix alone. We join together to protect our rights, improve working conditions and make a difference in the community.

Through bushfires, floods, and global pandemics – our public services have been there for us. Our members working in the public sector have helped people access payments, find shelter, return home, and stay informed.

Over the years, governments have weakened our public services, preferring to view our essential services as a burden on the economy instead of an investment in the future of our country and our people.

Staffing levels across the public service are at all-time lows, core government functions are being contracted out to multinational companies, jobs are becoming less secure as labour hire firms muscle in and remove union won rights and conditions, IT systems are out of date and under resourced, and core public services have been privatised.

We know what this means for our communities: millions of calls to Centrelink go unanswered. The ABC cuts staff at a time when their role providing information about disasters has never been more important. The CSIRO cuts scientists. When governments devalue our public services, they are hurting all of us.

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Our vision

Our public services help us create and maintain a society that is fair and equal for all Australians.

Without strong and supported public services, we risk becoming a society that only caters to the needs of the privileged few.

Our public services must be run by us, for us.

Our story

We're campaigning because essential public services have always been the foundation of Australian society and must continue to be in the future.

Our public services belong to all of us. We must stand together and protect them.