Workplace culture is all about your day to day in the workplace.

Good workplace culture leads to better organisational outcomes, better career development, accessibility for staff with disability and health & safety.

Bad workplace culture lead to things like bullying, unreasonable workloads and inflexible working arrangements.

Most workplaces are not perfect, but CPSU members have identified many areas in the NTPS which really need improvement. So to create (or maintain) a positive workplace culture, we need to ensure -

  1. Ongoing consultation with staff on how to make things better.
  2. Ongoing consultation with the CPSU.
  3. Effective WHS structures are in place.
  4. Workload reviews are being utilised by staff.
  5. Senior management push for more staff where gaps are identified.

All of this relies on you getting involved. Resources are available for download by workplace leaders and members to use to address workplace culture.

We strongly recommend members contact our Member Service Centre on 1300 137 636 and/or your local organiser to discuss how to use these materials.

Workplace culture resources