APS agreements progressing to employee ballots

Progress on agency agreements continues, with a range of agreements already voted up or out for employee consideration and ballot.

-- See the results of completed agency votes.

Remaining agencies are moving steadily towards commencing their ballot processes and CPSU representatives are busy finalising negotiations and working through drafts line-by-line to ensure they accurately reflect negotiated outcomes.

Employees in many of agencies have paid time CPSU meetings underway or coming up soon. This is an important opportunity for staff to come together on work time to go through the detail of the package on offer and discuss with your fellow CPSU members your priorities post-bargaining.

Service wide bargaining has been a significant shift from how bargaining has been done in the APS, and presented CPSU members with an historic opportunity to work together across the APS to win new conditions improvements, greater commonality, and greater equity in pay and conditions.

Members have seized that opportunity and should be proud of the achievements we have been able to win together, including:

  • Genuinely negotiated pay outcomes, instead of service wide caps on pay and the previous government’s ban on conditions improvements.
  • A mechanism that moves Agency pay rates towards pay equity and a significant rise in salaries for those at the bottom.
  • Strong and consistent flexible work and working from home rights that apply right across the APS.
  • Job security protections, including 25% casual loading and measures to ensure ongoing employment is the usual form of employment.
  • Conditions protected, with more generous entitlements maintained where they already exceed newly negotiated common conditions, and a “green light” from the APSC for agencies to return conditions from policy to the enterprise agreement.
  • Strong, clear, and enforceable consultation rights, and for the first time, an APS consultative committee so that CPSU members have a say on the big issues affecting the APS.
  • Significant improvements to paid parental leave, including 18 weeks’ paid leave for the primary carer, and over the life of the agreement, transitioning to 18 weeks’ paid leave for the secondary carer.
  • Clear representation rights, delegates’ rights, Respect@Work protections, and a dispute procedure that will help ensure enterprise agreements are followed in practice, with the help of the Fair Work Commission where necessary.
  • Support for First Nations employees, including ceremonial leave, NAIDOC leave, and a definition of family that includes kinship.
  • Uncapped, paid Family and Domestic Violence leave, 3 days’ paid cultural leave, emergency services leave, and disaster support.
  • Measures to support integrity in the APS, to ensure Robodebt never happens again.
  • Workload reviews, and EL TOIL established across the APS for the first time.

While there were mixed views on pay, we shifted government’s position twice and have increased the pay rises members will receive to 11.2% over three years (11.6% compounded), a one-off payment equivalent to 0.92% of salary, and realignment payments to establish a common APS pay rise date.

We have done this without delaying outcomes and whilst protecting the conditions package.

Agency-specific negotiations

CPSU bargaining teams have achieved wins in a range of agencies, including on:

  • New and improved allowances
  • Improvements to overtime provisions
  • Increases to shift payments
  • Studies assistance
  • Higher duties entitlements
  • Better access to flex leave
  • Improved performance management rights

CPSU model clauses on agency-specific topics are provided for members.


In October 2022, the Government announced its intention to undertake service wide bargaining in the APS. Since then, CPSU members gave detailed feedback on what they want to see when it comes to both pay and conditions, and this was formalised in the CPSU Service-wide bargaining claim and endorsed by CPSU members. 

This claim forms the bargaining position of CPSU members in negotiations with the APSC in service wide bargaining.

Service wide bargaining is underway - stay informed and involved

The CPSU service wide bargaining team has been negotiating with the APSC weekly on behalf of members. Throughout the process, CPSU members have received weekly updates on the progress of negotiations as well as opportunities to have their say and get involved in activities to support their bargaining claims.  

CPSU members have been able to track the progress of negotiations on our bargaining claim with our Service-wide Bargaining Scorecard which has been updated following negotiations each week. To view the latest scorecard, simply sign in and scroll to the Members-only content section on this page. 

You can also download and display materials for your workplace to encourage your colleagues to get on board with the CPSU team.

Meet your bargaining team

CPSU members are represented in service wide negotiations by a strong, experienced team of workplace representatives.

Between them, the team has decades of experience representing APS members and is deeply committed to getting the outcomes you need and deserve.

  • Emma White, Services Australia
  • Evan Walton, Department of Defence
  • Jo Kerr, National Indigenous Australians Agency
  • Kelly Miller, Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
  • Sam Roehr, ATO
  • Lee Forace, Department of Social Services
  • Sarah Dinsmore, Department of Education

If you want to help achieve the best possible result in negotiations it’s time to become a member.

Genuine bargaining back on the table


Bargaining outcomes will depend on how strong we are together.

The CPSU is a union led from the workplace. By working together, union members have a strong and powerful collective voice to advocate and campaign for positive change.

Only CPSU members get to have a say and have a vote. If you want to have a say in bargaining and help achieve the best possible result in negotiations it’s time to become a member.

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