CPSU recommend ABC staff VOTE NO to the proposed ABC Enterprise Agreement:

  1. Pay offer is sub-inflation and not good enough.
  2. It will significantly erode your current working conditions.
  3. It excludes reasonable steps to address repeated non-compliance on the part of your employer.

Download the latest progress report on CPSU members' bargaining claims here

Additional fact sheets on claims are being added to this page regularly. For more information please contact a member of the CPSU Bargaining Team:

  • Sinddy Ealy, ABC Section Secretary CPSU
  • Costa Zouliou, CPSU Delegate Classic FM
  • Christine Bratkovic, News Operations
  • Nicholas Gledhill, Digital Technology
  • Noel Debien, E&S Content Makers


By working together, ABC members have a strong and powerful collective voice to advocate and campaign for a better workplace. We work to ensure you are safe, have fair rights, pay and conditions, and a have a say on the issues that matter to you.

You can be part of that. We know strong union workplaces deliver better conditions, working lives and safer workplaces. Join us today.

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Your CPSU team

Location Name Position Email Mobile
Natl, ACT, WA + NT Sinddy Ealy ABC Section Secretary [email protected] 0424 162 060
NSW Michael Cooke Field organiser [email protected] 0419 828 971
NSW Bronte Buesnell Field organiser [email protected] 0456 415 500
QLD Sam Townsend Field organiser [email protected] 0428 167 148
SA Glenn Blackmore Field organiser [email protected] 0410 534 707
VIC Graeme Price Field organiser [email protected] 0407 944 285
VIC Bronwyn Parris Field organiser [email protected] 0427 834 528
TAS Zachary Batchelor Tas Regional Secretary [email protected] 0419 200 149

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