By working together, ABC members have a strong and powerful collective voice to advocate and campaign for a better workplace. We work to ensure you are safe, have fair rights, pay and conditions, and a have a say on the issues that matter to you.

You can be part of that. We know strong union workplaces deliver better conditions, working lives and safer workplaces. Join us today.

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Your CPSU team

Location Name Position Email Mobile
National Sinddy Ealy ABC Section Secretary [email protected] 0424 162 060
ACT Agatha Court Field organiser [email protected] 0428 810 696
NSW David Rhee Field organiser [email protected] 0418 316 015
NSW Cameron Smith Field organiser [email protected] 0419 398 853
QLD Joel Maher Field organiser [email protected] 0437 149 703
NT Kay Densley NT Regional Secretary [email protected] 0402 182 003
WA Felix Attard Field organiser [email protected] 0428 088 664
SA Glenn Blackmore Field organiser [email protected] 0410 534 707
VIC Suwan Adamson Field organiser [email protected] 0408 404 216
TAS Zachary Batchelor Tas Regional Secretary [email protected] 0419 200 149

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